Who Is Getting High?

Who is getting high these days? Certain cannabis users of course, but they pay for what they smoke. Supporters of Texas marijuana laws get high on the self righteous feelings they muster up within themselves. Unlike the smokers, they don’t pay the cost of maintaining their sanctimonious feelings. Society pays those costs. That is what happens when laws on the books serve only as social statements. Most are familiar with the drain on law enforcement resources involved with these laws. Few stop to think that drug laws create the market that organized crime is happy to exploit. Much of terrorism is financed by illegal drug profits. Immigration problems are heightened, because the illegal drug trade destroys legitimate economic opportunities for Mexican citizens and makes their own country unsafe for living.
So, do American drug laws cause a reduction in usage? No, not even in the slightest way. Laws are always useless a plurality off the population is offended by the behavior a law is intended to prevent. Reform of Marijuana laws is being prevented by the only people who benefit from the laws. Those are folks who get high on their own sanctimonious feelings. The costs to society for this luxury are enormous.
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