Who Understands Economics?

Who Understands Economics?
Who understands economics? Does the Chairman of the Federal Reserve understand economics? It doesn’t matter whether he understands economics or not because he has no understanding of natural law. Natural law trumps principle put together in academia. When one contradicts the other, go with natural law and you will be right consistently. There is a natural law to the effect than an action with an immoral beginning will have a negative outcome. In economics that means the costs will outweigh the benefits. In 2008 and 2009 when resources were diverted from the poor and middle class to the Wall Street elite, ostensibly to save the economy, the outcome was guaranteed to be bad. The costs have not yet begun to be realized.
Were the economic principles involved in the bailout valid? Some say yes, some say no. The unintended consequence of an immoral use of government are more than can be counted and certain to appear.

Expected Seasonal Pattern Compared To Actual Trading
Historical Statistics

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