1000 Years Away From Self Government

What we are witnessing is the unraveling of the world’s first attempt at self government. Human animals are moving further away from being herd animals with every passing day. Unfortunately, they are still hard wired to serve a master and live according to the herd dynamics that shape the structure of society.
Government today works the same way as an organized crime family. Citizens profess freedom but they have no control over government and no will to establish control. Instead, citizens trade their freedom for the perception of comfort and security. For thousands of years, this practice was necessary as a means of survival. After all, the concept of freedom for the individual has been around only for a short time along history’s long timeline. The herd mentality treats government as having supernatural powers, in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary. People do that instinctively and only with the passage of thousands of years will they change. The first attempt at self government has failed.
When the economy fails and government begins to unravel, do not expect a nationwide awakening. When stress increases, since people are genetically prone to treat government as an authority with supernatural powers, they will offer to enslave themselves instead, for the perception of security.
The best an individual can do now is to hunker down and live by one’s wits because it is going to get real bad.

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