A Brand New Wonderful War

Here are some questions I asked myself? I wonder how other Americans answer them?

I ask myself What do I know about the ends and outs of politics in Russia or the Ukraine?
Almost nothing, I haven’t been focused on that part of the world.

What do I know about Vladimir Putin,
President or Russia?
Just from observation, I believe he is the best politicians among world leaders today. But, other than that very little,.
What do know about Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of the Ukraine?

Less even than I know about Putin other than he is said to be just as corrupt as Putin. I have no special information.
What do I know about NATO?
NATO is a defense treaty but now days it is used as a tool to gain economic power for its members. What do I know about war in general?
Probably a little more than the average economist. I do know that wars are generally fought for economic reasons.
Who is better off because we fought the Vietnam war?
Certainly not everyone on both sides including civilians.
Who is better off because we fought the first war gulf?
Perhaps rich Kuwaiti citizens. Other than that I don’t know much.

Who is better off because we fought the war in Afganistan? A lot of people were killed, but I can’t think of much we gained from it. Who is better off because we fought the 2nd Gulf war? Gosh that one caused a lot of havoc and still is. How many of these wars made the U.S.Citizens made Americans safer? None. How often do countries with failed economies with enormous debt , both public and private, start wars so as to not experience any reckoning.

The economy in the United State cannot be moved higher anymore with QE or any stimulus. Why not start a war, convert to a war economy for the duration and maintain GDP that way for a while? We had a war time economy during WWII. It performed a whole lot better than was the case during the 30s?
There is very high public support for the U.S. being involved in the Ukraine war, almost
universal at higher levels.

Gee, I really don’t know much do I.? How much do you know? I do know that I do not know. That makes me feel empowered, strangely. How is that? I know for sure don’t know enough to jump on a bandwagon with other Americans who support the Ukrainian side.
How about you? What do you know that I don’t know?
How many of you trust everything you are told by our leaders? So, are you folks ready to fight?

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