A Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd Stock Market

Traders are Elmer Fudd and the Deep State manipulators are Bugs Bunny. There is nothing wrong with holding stock long term for just as long as this last. Profits made incidentally or by luck are still profits. The Elmer Fudds are the short term traders who mindlessly adhere to traditional technical analysis dogma expecting it to work just as it always has. Where short sellers are concerned, the averages can’t go up with out you.

It works sort of like this. You short a stock and place a stop. Your broker shares all of the information with the high frequency trading firms. Keep in mind that your broker has the option of holding your stop locally and entering it with others when the limit is touched. So, everyone in the securities business appreciate you being there to take a loss.

When it is time to orchestrate a rally, the high frequency traders run Elmer’s stops. How long will it take the Elmer Fudds to figure out, that by using traditional trading dogma to participate in a rigged market, they are guaranteed a loss loss? In the cartoon series, Elmer Fudd never figured things out. Securities traders may never learn either.

The Swamp My Puppy Dog and I is another timely Curbside Jimmy song. 

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