All Presidents Have Common Ground

03 Apr 2016, Los Angeles, California, USA --- President Bill Clinton gives a speech at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally event on April 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. --- Image by © Jared Milgrim/The Photo Access/The World Access/Corbis


A president is a sociopath with a high IQ. Sadly, in any democracy citizens project their own personality characteristics onto their public officials. All through school, democracy is treated like a happy system where all the animals have friendly debates, elect leaders then skip off holding hands knowing all is well and for the best.

In the real world democracy is a brutal blood sport and running for president is the world’s most competitive event. Only sociopaths have the manipulative skills to compete in such a vicious system. Truth gets morphed out of the competition early because if one candidate tells the truth, the other one will make an embellishment. If citizens like the truth, there is a version that they will like even better. Campaigns turn into liars contests so easily these days, the truth is avoided from the beginning. Citizens will take out any candidate who focuses on the truth.

Any candidate who wants to win will only tell lies. Citizens will not tolerate the truth and will ridicule any candidate who uses it. Life and happiness are centered around fantasy. Citizens will die for the sake of their fantasies. When lives are lived in line with fantasies, the fantasies can only be removed from by force or severe suffering.

All presidents are sociopaths. So are their opponents in opposing parties. Members of both houses of congress are sociopaths as well.  Any competitive election in a democracy can only be won by a sociopath.

Whoever ends up being president will be a sociopath. It takes that type of personality to win.

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