Americans the Economy and Their Government

There is a huge difference between fantasy based economics which is taught at Harvard, Yale and all of the expensive universities around the world and the simple concepts I teach with the Quillian,  Fantasy Free Economics approach. Mainstream economics has the intelligence, fancy models and credentials. With that, you get nothing with any utility to society.  They are fascinating to listen to but never get any results. They never will because their assumptions are not based in reality.

Human behavior does not follow their models because human beings only infrequently experience original thought. The brain seeks not fairness or freedom. The brain is a survival seeking organ. Mainstream economics teaches that all humans are freedom seeking animals. In real life, freedom is bargained away for comfort and perceived certainty of survival that is offered by government, leaders, or crowd leaders of all kinds.  Work is a second choice. Mainstream economics treats work as a first choice. Thinking is work so humans are always looking for smarter folks to do their thinking for them. Nature provides only one basic incentive, self interest. The incentive to serve is assumed to be present in mainstream economics but that is only fantasy.

The fantasy free life reduces stress that would otherwise be unbearable.  Through fantasy, we can all pretend that the universe is less harsh than it is and be content and comfortable until we die. Assuming that there is nothing required of us here on earth and any afterlife is available to everyone and the goal is to be happy while we are here, this approach is the best one. Taking a harsh look at reality, in that case is not necessary except, perhaps once in a hundred years. We are at that point now and that is why I write this blog.

Americans today generally profess to be in favor of free market economics but make other choices every time an option is offered. Americans profess to be freedom seekers who are independent minded. There is an endless line in front of government, begging for benefits. As freedoms continue to diminish, Americans never raise an eyebrow. This is because human beings, are not what they think  and they are prone to engaging in master/servant relationships. People are managed by one another the same way a master manages a dog. The master offers a treat and the animal responds according the the master’s wishes. Humans will profess that this is untrue and that they are special noble creatures and at the very same time exhibit the behaviors I just described.

If you want to understand what is happening on the political and economic scene, keep all of this in mind. Do not expect your fellow man to jump at the opportunity to be more free and independent over the coming days with the change in government. Expect herd behavior. Given the opportunity to return to a free market economy, Americans will seek to serve instead. This is something they can’t help. As soon as new opportunities emerge, people look for a kind master more than opportunities to be free and independent. Free markets started emerging after the Dark Ages. Still, people are hardwired to serve masters and a kind master is always their preference.

A very small minority of citizens prefer freedom and independence. That portion of the population is going to experience great stress in the coming days. When the majority volunteers for slavery, free and independent folks get enslaved right along with them.

 The Grazin’ Is Good by Curbside Jimmy


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