Anatomy of a Conservative

fudd_2What does it mean to be a conservative in the United States today? A conservative is one who professes conservative values and expresses a desire for smaller government. A conservative is also comforted knowing friends, family and anyone who matters knows he is on the right side of issues.

A conservative always votes Republican, worships conservative icons, solemnly vows to work within the system and never does a thing to rein in government. Today’s conservatives are trained to promote their own poverty but they have high self esteem , love one another, and are convinced they will find a Messiah to return the country to its glory days which they imagine existed at one time.

The United States needs a conservative party. There is a problem though. There are not enough genuine conservatives to have one.

However folks chose to describe themselves as conservatives, rest assured, the leaders love them. Word never gets out that there is a difference between conservatism as a belief system and conservatism as a discipline. The warm fuzzy feeling that come from conservative beliefs do nothing to change the country. But, the warm feelings are the actual goal American Conservatives are seeking. The discipline is completely lacking.

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