We know we are alive. We don’t know what life is.

We Don’t know what consciousness is. We don’t know whether consciousness is inside or outside of our heads.

We are born into a world where animals survive by eating other living things. Human beings survive by eating other animals and plants. The most successful lifeforms are the best at dominating other species. Human beings are easily the most proficient at using members of other species for their benefit. Human beings eat other animals make servants out of them. Just a short time back human beings enslaved on another. This is the system of dominance and subservience life operates by.

The Quillian Model starts by defining economics as the study of our system of dominance and subservience. The dominance and subservience system is the economic system. All that happens in an economy is part of the natural dominance and subservience system that governs the earth.

Why does mainstream economics skip the beginning which is the system of dominance and subservience? Economists have fears just like everyone else.  Thinking about basic questions is terrifying. Only a few of us do it. It is unpleasant to think of human beings engaging in the game of dominance and subservience just like all of the other animals.

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