Billionaire’s Next Cash Cow

When Wall Street is completely mined out, the mob is going to need a new hustle. Climate change is the ticket. The American public has been fleeced many times but global warming may provide the best opportunity yet. Public private partnerships are the path to billions for anyone who has the political power to use Washington as a tool.

The public is still focused on enhancing and protecting their self esteem. Most see the government as the proper vehicle to stop folks from calling them names but are unaware of all dangers that linger just outside of their naive field of vision.

The time is right to sheer those sheep while they still have a little wool. The public especially Republicans see public private partnerships as a way to bring competitive influences into government.  Of course public private partnerships are nothing of the kind. Now is the time for the mob to make their move. The average American is still clueless to the fact that public private partnerships are the main business model in a fascist economy.

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