Cases of Mistaken Identity

In the Fusco brothers comic, there is a dog named Axel. The dog claims to actually be a wolverine. Of course he is a dog but dogs get no respect. So, Axel congers up the notion that he is a wolverine.

Human beings imagine that they are something other than what they are and function based on a false identity. Human beings identify themselves as an anointed species with divine connections. They see themselves as creatures of peace each with intrinsic value deserving of respect and praise. This is fine for maintaining peace of mind in a violent, unpredictable universe.

When it comes to doing research, making predictions and formulating policy, going with the anointed identity generates perpetual string of wrong answers.

In the world outside of family and close friendships, human behavior parallels that of any other species. In Fantasy Free Economics, human beings are not anointed, engage in constant herd behavior and instinctive behavior. There are no special people. World leaders are not worshiped and no special people wear halos. A medical doctor or president gets no more respect than a ditch digger. I am studying behavior plain and simple. Self interest is the basic incentive that drives animals through life. All other incentives, are sub incentives of self interest.

Fantasy free means cleansing the mind of fantasy and euphemisms before making any observations. Good research is not possible when the mind is filled with must be ideas and definitions. Mainstream economists adopt the anointed species approach and treat various people as special. There is no way to come up with anything with any utility to society using this approach. This is why economists as a whole have such a miserable record when dealing with problems. They are studying an animal that only exists in the imagination.

In all honesty, I cannot say that human beings have no spiritual aspect. I will say that it does not seem to be present in day to day interactions among strangers in the secular world. For good research it is best to treat mankind as an animal and get the right answers.


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