Cause of Recent Outbreaks of Weird and Random Violence

What is the cause of the recent outbreaks of weird and random violence here and around the world? The leadership we all live under is not deserving of respect. People with power and influence seem to expect their lack of scruples and ruthlessness to go unnoticed. The less academically adept usually have a higher level of general awareness than their brilliant betters. The easily unhinged reason, “why not go looting? Why not join a flash mob? Why not beat up football referee?”
Government has degenerated into a median whereby one group of citizens steals the resources of another group of citizens. Electing a representative to go to Washington is much like hiring a thief. Your reps job is to steal on behalf of the people who get him elected.
The activities of flash mobs , referee beaters, and fighters at sports events are simply the less intelligent and less educated carrying out their version of what is going on in government. If a country is perceived as a free for all where right and wrong don’t matter, don’t be surprised when people start misbehaving.
It is going to get a lot worse.

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