Common Sense Economics Review

ind7exCommon Sense is mankind’s greatest resource for forecasting and decision making. There is one caveat. The mind must be free of euphemisms. Euphemisms come in all shapes and sizes. Because euphemisms are by nature not true. Common Sense filtered through a cloud of euphemisms always generates inept decisions and forecasts.

Observations when free of euphemistic thoughts and opinions, yield the truth about anything with neat perfect accuracy.

In school, economics is taught in line with euphemistic notions about basic human behavior. For example, in main street economics, work is a first choice. I have no need to define human beings as nearly divine, special entities, with noble, honest behavior being normal. This is the standard assumption that goes into every economic model. Work is a second choice. Work is o.k. and people will work if there is no way to get by otherwise, How do I know? I can look out my window and observe.

The Supreme Court is defined as a legal institution. Does it make legal decisions? No, it makes political decisions. The Federal Reserve is defined as an economic entity. Does it make economic decisions? No, its decisions are political. Is the news media in the business of keeping the public informed? No, the news media is in the business of controlling thinking for a profit.

What about high schools? Are high schools in the business of educating children? Over 70% of students make no academic gains at all over a four year period. High Schools serve as a way of warehousing young people.

These are just a few on the erroneous assumptions that voters incorporate into their decisions. There is not much chance of electing good candidates when one’s life is based on euphemisms. Corrupt government institutions such as the Federal Reserve and the Supreme court are never scrutinized because people accept their euphemistic definitions.

Folks wonder how government has gotten so far out of control. It would be helpful if ordinary citizens viewed government in terms of how it functions and instead of according to how it is defined,

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