Conservative and The Constitution

Who has been to a Tea Party us-constitutionmeeting? Conservatives love the constitution. At a typical Tea Party gathering there will normally be at least one Constitution rant. They are all about the same. Its all about the constitution and getting back to its glory days when it was respected. In truth, there never were any of those days. From the very beginning the Constitution was bypassed and ignored every time it has been politically expedient.

The U. S. Constitution has been so seriously flawed that it has never completely served as the law of the land. The biggest flaw is that there is nothing to prevent the legislative process from being used to rig markets. Government being used freely as a tool for personal gain guarantees its eventual failure.

The U. S. Constitution provides no way for adherence to the constitution to be enforced. The Supreme Court is defined as apolitical and completely independent. That is nonsense. The justices are given political appointments. Any Supreme Court decision is a political decision because in practice it functions as a political organization. Describing an institution with words doesn’t guarantee it will work in ways the words say it will function. For all of American history The Supreme Court has passed down political decisions. The exceptions are rare. In other areas, citizens are protected by the jury system and it would take a supreme court jury system for it to function as the law of the land.

Conservatives love the constitution. Wouldn’t it be a great activity at Tea Party events to have a constitution rant contest. The best rant could be given a ribbon or a trophy. I suppose the are a few conservatives who would be happy if government shrunk in size but not many. The average conservative gets so much in government benefits he gets cold feet every time a real conservative candidate enters a race. The higher the income the greater the government benefits. The Tea Party is for enhancement of self esteem. The members would panic if any of their activities started resulting in smaller government.

Corporate welfare creates a huge on society and individuals. When a corporation uses the political process to capture customers the result is an indirect tax on consumers, mostly on those who are poor. The poor are constantly chastised on talk radio for not paying income tax. It takes about three minutes to explain to a rich person how the additional cost ethanol adds to the cost of gas. Unfortunately that is longer than the attention span of conservatives in the United States. The added cost actually is a tax but it doesn’t go to government. It is a tax that congress allows corporations to collect from the poor, truck drivers and even our betters.

An odd thing about the truth is that it goes unnoticed when spoken or written.

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