Conservative = Liberal

I have decided to stop using the word conservative to describe myself. What does it mean to be a conservative today? It means the person is just a small part of a multitude of idiots who serve as cannon fodder for the RNC, Fox News and conservative talk show hosts all over the country.

Conservative is a good enough term for folks who describe themselves as conservatives. They are apologists for the pro-business government policies that make it impossible for the United States to recover from any recession, depression or economic accident. They also completely trust the government to launch moral and successful military campaigns. Never is a war seen as wrong or even unnecessary. This is the same government they also trust to manage the economy provided it is all pro-business. Pro-business, of course is fascism. It is growing very rapidly and completely destroys any society it infects. Liberals are terrible but they have never supported anything this bad. Liberals only want something for nothing and that is not half as dangerous.

It is almost forgotten that when Castro came into power in Cuba, he replaced a Fascist regime, Economic opportunities for working people were completely destroyed. The regime under Batista worked closely with the Mob and the Cuban elite had nothing to complain about. Government supported large businesses and the rich loved Batista. This all helped usher Castro in and he finished the country off. What is happening today in the United States is the same as what was happening in Cuba prior to the Communist take over.

I don’t treat presidents as bad or good. They just do good or bad things based on their own best interest. I don’t know why Obama started normalizing relations with Cuba but this one good thing could outweigh all of the damage he has done in other areas. While the United States is dismantling its free market system, free market seeds are being planted 90 miles from Florida. This won’t hurt anybody.

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