Corporations Are Now Levying Taxes

tax-floridaIn Ivy League economic departments, they would laugh if they were told that whole industries were collecting taxes from the general population. They are drunk on dogma and maintain erroneous assumptions about human behavior.

Whole industries can and do pass taxes and everyone in the country must pay them. The Affordable Care Act is a case where entire industries have taxes passed that let them collect dollars from the general population.

Suppose Congress passed a law requiring everyone pay taxes and the proceeds were to be paid to insurance companies, just to give them the money. People understand that kind of tax and object immediately. There is a way to do that without people realizing they are paying a tax. Remember, tax proceeds don’t have to go to a government. Government just has the power to put you in jail if you don’t pay.

There are many laws on the books today that allow companies to tax citizens. The most damaging of these is The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare.) Under ObamaCare, insurance companies are guaranteed to receive a portion of every health care dollar spent in the United States. Health insurance companies make a profit on taxes (premiums) people pay. The profit is a clear tax but the entire premium is a burden. I will say with complete authority insurance, for healthcare, does not currently exist. What are called health insurance policies are payment management systems and do nothing but insert an expensive bureaucracy between patients and doctors.

One of the destructive facets of Fascism is that it gives this kind of taxing power to any industry large enough to dictate policy to government.

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