Danger and Brexit

brexit_brexit2-800x475In case anyone is not following this, Bretxit means British citizens voting to leave the European Union. By some, the prospect of Britainleaving the European Union is deemed the disaster of the 21st century.

Brexit is not the actual danger. The danger is present regardless of what British citizens decide to do. Central Planning has destroyed Europe just as it has destroyed the United States. The economic outcome of a certain region is not determined by one vote one day or any one day event. It takes years to do the kind of damage Europe has undergone. The fallout from European central planning will cause suffering throughout the century. The damage will be present long after Europeans have forgotten how conditions got so bad.

We have to respect the British for respecting democracy. When the British citizens opposed sending troops to Syria, the British government respected the will of its citizens. In the United States, the citizens have no such control over government.

Whatever the outcome of the Brixet vote, the damage has been done and there will be suffering one way or another.

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