danger-housingStudents of history already know the greatest danger a population faces is from the consequences of its own country’s immoral activities.

All human beings are completely capable of thinking and acting independently, but by default they adopt group opinions and rarely entertain original thoughts. This is all part of mankind’s instinctive group behavior. People instinctively worship their leaders and view their government as righteous.

Government solutions are solutions of choice even it is to the citizens detriment People are hared wired to be dependent on government.

Although citizens are technically responsible for what government does under no circumstances will they ever exercise any authority. Instinctively citizens are subservient to people they elect to office. Since 1776, it has always been that day.

The United States started out as a republic with a free market economy.. Every year since 1776, the role of the individual has diminished. Today citizens have no authority over government policy at all, but just insist they do. All governments over the years have shared one over riding characteristic. Each has served as a platform from which the politically powerful can make servants out of the general population. The United States has followed the same path as all of the others.images1

The danger is that, citizens have become more servile over time, but describe themselves differently.

Since the democracy experiment first began a number of behaviors have emerged that were not anticipated. It turns out that people behave instinctively in groups and this renders them incapable of governing themselves.

The free market has been replaced by socialism and fascism. In general, Republicans are Fascists and Democrats are Socialists. Members of both parties promote both systems. Individual party members worship their leaders and trust them when they say they support small government or social justice. The rank and file are like cows on a dairy farm. They are kept well nourished and comfortable as long as they are profitable to the farmer. Change that and its off to the dog food factory.

In recent years, the Republican approach of fascist rigged markets has reeked havoc on the living standards and income of regular folks. The fascist efforts are still accelerating. Even though Americans don’t mind fascist economies become highly unstable over time. The pursuit of profits under this system have no limit. War is a ligament tool. Economic depressions are a given.

We understand now that central banks are now buying equities directly, mostly in the form of exchange traded funds. The figures from the Bank of Japan are being published. No records form the U.S. central bank are available.

Under capitalism, citizens own the factors of production. When central banks buy stocks, the countries become owners. Early in the 1900s the communists took over an already failed Russia and made it even worse. They killed countless numbers of their own people. Germany used the democratic process to name Adolph Hitler as dictator. Germans loved him, died for thim and worshipped him. His worshippers perished in war while he killed Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, restarted and others for the “good of Germany”.

Americans have adopted Hitler’s economic system, even though they insist the U.S. is a free market system. We have a population of Fascism deniers. Will that change when the economy collapses?

When Times Got Really Weird is a prophetic Curbside Jimmy tune that all should hear and share.

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