Dealing With Russia, The Real Deal

Hopefully, leaders in Washington are not so naive as to believe American Citizens will support them in their desires to confront Russia. The American public is quiet but not completely stupid. Americans can easily recognize that their own government is a bigger threat to them than Russian military activities.
The U.S. is a republic in name only. All bills passed in congress are for the purpose of rigging one market or another. The government’s quantitative easing initiatives are described as stimulus, but in truth serves as a public assistance program for the rich. Real income of wage earners is dropping big time and fast. In a nutshell, Americans are getting fleeced by the same government that frequently expects to get citizen’s support for military interventions, not all of which are worthwhile.
Why would Americans expect their government to do right by them in dealing with Russia? I hope Washington is not expecting support from citizens with respect to the situation in the Ukraine. They won’t get it.

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