Deeming The Masses As Mullets

Deeming The Masses As Mullets  PDF Version

Agenda – driven censorship is ongoing.Certainly censorship serves the interests of the group which controls government. True enough, if those in power didn’t protect the hapless citizens, who would?

After all, how in the world could such clueless buffoons as American voters recognize good, bad, true and untrue…. unless they were guided by the folks with far more snap? Would it not constitute cruelty to allow these dimwits to gather information and decipher it themselves? Certainly, they would not be safe without being managed from the top. Who could be bothered by such a system?

It is for their own good, so they should be appreciative. Generally they are. That is evident from the masses who gleefully put on masks and held out their arms to get vaccinated. Many still wear masks when they go out in public.“Thank goodness, government is protecting us” , they reasoned. Some are going the extra mile and still wear masks.  Doctors offices still require masks. Is anyone complaining?

Complaining is loud in the echo chambers but they don’t count.  All in the echo chambers are quarantined. They hear each other but no one on the outside hears them.Besides, they aren’t experts. “The experts are the smart ones, so we are following their lead. We are good Americans, that’s why.” Is anyone complaining now? Will, not yet?

What is a good American these days? That is one who follows instructions from the top without question, a team player.

Take a look at the institutions that comprise government. Are they working as intended? Only, one is performing in line with what as intended. That is our jury system. In my lifetime I haven’t met a soul who would eliminate  the jury system.

Who sits on juries? Is it the richest 100 people in the world? Is it college professors or members of the media only? No, it is the same population which is deemed to be mullets in terms of everything else they encounter in life.

Legal cases can get complected. Jurors make decisions in capital murder cases where the consequences of being wrong are catastrophic. They also make decisions where nation security is an issue. Thank goodness, everyday citizens are adept enough to sit on juries.

Perhaps their prowess, is limited to that one occasion.

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