Democrat Debates

151012101824-democrats-in-cnn-debate-exlarge-teaseTo understand where these candidates are coming from, we must look at the mentality of those who will be voting in the Democratic primaries.

Voter intellect is not what causes a constituent to vote one way or another. The image a voter has of himself is that of a little God. Human nature shields voters from the awareness that the candidates view them as their future servants.  Voters favor the candidate who best acknowledges and nurtures that little God image. The candidate/constituent relationship is based completely on fantasy.

Am I alone in noticing that since the beginning of recorded history there has never been an economic initiative through government that has worked out favorably for the overall population? Outside of basic services like fire and police departments, every other effort by government on behalf of citizens has done more harm than good.

Still, the democratic faithful are always ready to turn any and every issue in their life over to the government. Failure after failure has proved completely undaunting to voters. All go to the poles with the expectation that their candidate will work tirelessly on their personal issues like improving the economy, making other people adopt a desired behavior, fight just wars………and on and on.

I am not handicapped by a belief system that rests on a mountain of euphemisms. All I have to to is observe clearly without the obstructions from euphemisms.  Decisions at the poles are made in line with instinctive behavior. Human beings instinctively relate to government as a parent. When voters deal with government, it is very similar to the way a child relates to a parent. The parent is assumed to have all kinds of skills and knowledge. That is a child’s best approach because a parent is the child’s only resource.  For thousands of years, adults lived as slaves to a king, czar, chief or other leader. Leaders were routinely worshipped. Kings had divine rights. People have only been voting for around three hundred years. Human instincts change at a much slower pace than general social phenomena.

Of course in a voters mind, he is a little God and cannot see himself acting on instinct. I doubt that a horse puts a lot of thought into the things it does instinctively. Instinct feels so natural that humans do not notice what they are doing. Of course we all have the capability of overriding instinctive behavior. Deciding by instinct is the path of least resistance.

The things voters would have government do are not possible for government to do. Government is always a means to an end. Whoever has political power uses government for personal gain. That is the way it works in a world where laws of dominance and subservience apply. Self interest does not disappear when a candidate gets elected to an office.

The rank and file in both parties operate on fantasy but the Democrats are a little bit worse.

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