Developing The Space Aliens Story

Developing The Space Aliens Story PDF Version

I am going to use the Fantasy Free Advantage   to try and explain the emerging situation with respect to the new revelations about the U.S. possessing alien spacecrafts and possibly, the bodies of aliens themselves.  The Fantasy Free Advantage is what is possessed when observing life from the vantage point of thinking within the light of reality. Using the Fantasy Free Advantage is what is possessed when the lies of life are simply dismissed with , and one’s analysis is not distorted by basing efforts on what is not true – yet routinely  deemed to be true.

The Fantasy Free Advantage is also a great equalizer. Deciding what is occurring, based on normal human behavior , explains outcomes normally superior to those based on mountains of work and information. Generally… in the present moment, absolutely no one has adequate information to work with , anyway.

We start by acting on what we already know is true, but not acted upon as being true. The law of power says that power corrupts…. and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  As power is created, a corresponding amount of corruption is created. The closer an entity is to possessing absolute power, the closer it is to being absolutely corrupt.  Any organization which has enough power to possess alien spacecraft and possibly the bodies of space aliens has a massive amount of power and must therefore be assumed to be profanely corrupt.

The brightest minds in astrophysics or any other science are still debating whether or not mankind is alone in the universe. These folks are not privileged enough to know about the big alien spacecraft finds. So, who does have the information? Clearly it is others who will use the new – found  knowledge to increase their own power and in the process become more corrupt than they already are.  We are not dealing with the greatest scientific minds on the planet. We are in fact dealing with the most corrupt minds on the planet.

Why has the alien information never been revealed to the public? It is ostensibly believed that the masses are too inept to respond intelligently to such mind – boggling information. The same public which is assumed to be too naive to respond correctly to such profound knowledge is trusted completely when assigned to jury duty in our legal system. Juries of ordinary citizens  make life and death decisions and even deal with national security issues. Who are we kidding?

Any information the public gets is going to be released by others who are corrupt beyond what is to their political advantage to make public.

The only way things could not work out this way is that if all of mankind is wrong in believing that power corrupts.  Either power corrupts or it doesn’t. You decide.

When we live our lives in the light of reality, things occur to us that are under the radar of the average thinker.
We have to ask questions about behaviors that defy normal explanations.
Like, why at this very time are alien crafts being revealed? If it is because the population couldn’t handle it before, why are they deemed capable of handling it now?

Why would we expect to be able to defend ourselves against space aliens with such advanced technology? Perhaps there has been more than reverse engineering going on. Perhaps, the crafts being studied have communication equipment on them and that has been used to communicate with our betters somewhere else in the universe.

Perhaps from the aliens, those in charge have learned techniques to control the minds of whole populations. Folks have never been as docile and obedient to authority as they are today.  For years folks have wondered if alien life even existed at all. Never before has such a profound development received such a ho – hum response from the public. Such an obedient and docile public has never been a part of United States history.  Is that condition even possible…. without such a state of mind being imposed on them, without their awareness that it is being done?

Since it would be futile to fight an alien invasion, perhaps the newly learned technology will be used to make slaves out of all of us. Perhaps all of mankind can expect to to be herded like animals for the benefit of our betters from now on.

Another thing to consider is that perhaps the whistle-blowers themselves are victims of a hoax. Here are some interesting questions. Why is it that alien spacecrafts have been found only in the United States and none have crashed in other countries? What are the odds of an alien craft crashing in the United States and not in the ocean or in another country? The land area of the United States is only a small portion of the entire area of the earth’s surface. The alien bodies discovered have been described as being human – like. What are the odds that life, somewhere else in the universe, would have evolved into a human – looking species?

Does the fact that the alien life discovered is a form that humans can relate to ….mean anything? It could be that it actually works out that way. It also could mean the whole thing is a hoax created with sinister intentions. I mean, how much trouble have whistle-blowers gotten themselves into? This is a big deal. The powers that be do not seem to care. I cannot say that it is all a sinister hoax but can’t rule out the notion that it is. I have no information outside of a knowledge of human nature.

What worries me is, how often I have had bizarre notions in the past that I didn’t think would ever manifest into reality. Most of them have.

Pleasant Note: Some who visit this site also visit my Curbside Jimmy site. Because of censorship issues, I have changed the URL to instead of the .com version. I am moving all of my sites to a reliable offshore host.

Note: Fantasy Free Economics is banned in the United States.  I am now hosting with Smartway, which is offshore.  From the positive results I have gotten, I would host with them regardless.  I encourage all to ask themselves – have you ever read anything here on Fantasy Free Economics that could be deemed unfit for the common person to read?  Is there any content that is a threat to national security? 

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James Quillian is not Tucker Carlson. I wish him well – as I hope all do. When a famous person get censored, he has the resources to make hay over the situation.  I have no such resources. I must be frugal – just to meet my expenses. If you like these ideas, I hope you will participate by at least sharing the link.

The Fantasy Free Advantage is  PDF book explains the reasoning behind the fantasy free approach.

Common Thinking Errors This article provides a genuine shortcut to thinking and analyzing in the light of reality.


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