Corporate Suicide Cause Explained

It is a mistake to think that corporations, especially those which are large or leaders in an industry, are the slightest bit naive. Neither are they short sighted. I remember back in the seventies when I was taking business courses. A professor used McDonalds as an example. He pointed out that their ads were directed at children. Children can’t spend money on fast food. McDonalds was building brand loyalty as far into the future as they could reach.

Are Anheuser Busch and Target naive? Do they have a vested interest in promoting social and political agendas? If doing these things was normal behavior for a corporation,Anheuser Busch and Target would have faltered years ago. Corporations don’t last if they do stupid things.

Neither Anheuser Busch nor Target could possibly think they would generate enough trans business to justify their odd promotions.

There are only two reasons why any corporation does anything. Either an action enhances its profitability or the consequences of not doing a certain thing would have catastrophic consequences.

There are no fools running giant corporations. Both Target and Anheuser Busch had to be coerced into doing such stupid things.

Where would such an enormously corruptive source come from? Probably there is enough high level dirt on certain corporate insiders that they have to take orders from those who possess the dirt. This is not an accusation, just a very serious guess.

Americans are rapidly discovering that the top levels of government and business are so corrupt, it isn’t even imaginable. More truths are coming out about Jeffery Epstein and his operation.  I would say that coercions was indeed employed.  When using natural law, it makes sense to observe various outcomes by first looking at the inputs that are assumed to be responsible for generating the outcomes.  Then ask if those inputs would generate the results being observed. If a contradiction is noticed, then a phenomenon other than the one assumed present is responsible for the outcome witnessed.


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