Economics of Ferguson and Looting

Understanding Ferguson, looting and the public action from the vantage point of common sense is easy. Life without euphemisms is stressful. At critical times, though, we are better off setting aside the comforting euphemisms we use to define our existence. Crime and government have merged. History shows that this is normal. It has taken the United States over 200 years to deteriorate to this level. In time people with political power make use of government as a means to live above the law. So common is this practice that people who control government are unaware that their dishonesty actually is noticed.
What happens when citizens know their government is dishonest? They lose respect for the law and break laws when the risk is low and the opportunity presents itself. The looters in Ferguson are stealing only a miniscule fraction of the amount that Wall Street steals from average Americans in several seconds. Every law on the floor of congress is devoted to transferring wealth from the bottom to the top. In a country where law doesn’t apply above certain income levels, why would folks be unnerved when low ranking citizens break some windows and carry out merchandise?

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