Elections and Herding Instinct

How do I know that during an election season reasoning goes out the window as the human herding instinct takes over everyone’s behavior? I watch, just as if I were studying a herd of horses. Thinking stops and efforts that focus on causing people to act without thinking increase manyfold. In other words, communication focuses on turning the herd and complex reasoning disappears. Independent thought becomes absent.

Slogans are taking seriously. Trump says make America Great again and folks reason as if there was an actual time  when the country operated like a well oiled machine. Clinton’s campaign slogan was “stronger together.” In a country, where everyone works together, everyone is a slave.  All join hands and help achieve their master’s goals. In the real world life is competitive.  When we are all working together, most everyone is getting their pockets picked by the one who convinces them to work together.

Herd behavior is most pronounced when a decision is being made. That is election time. It is a choice but herd behavior is the path of least resistance. When a population becomes comfortable enough, hardly a soul thinks an individual thought.

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