Fewer Guns Bigger Riots


The Germans are teaching Americans how to riot.  Over 3500 are participating in a riots in Germany. What sweat people the Germans are. They burns cars, and do other damage but they don’t shoot anybody.  The German police use tear gas.

Riots like this don’t get reported in the U.S. The media doesn’t want to upset our humble dumplings over here. The German boys and girls are no less violent than Americans. Violence in Germany has a long history. Perhaps they are just getting started. They will probably start getting creative.  It is hard to get guns and bullets over there but they will think of something. 20160711_riots2

Fascism has a bad effect on the little people. The ranks of little people keep getting larger because political power becomes more and more concentrated before the country collapses. I don’t know what income group the rioters belong to but whatever group is just above them is next. 20160711_riots1

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