Fighting for Freedom?

aFighting to control the resources of Mideast countries is not fighting for freedom.  It is important for soldiers to know what they are fighting for. Documented deaths of civilians in Iraq alone are between 162,448 and 181,460.  Including military deaths are around 250,000. Ask a random Iraqi if he is glad the United States took over his country? The wars in Iraq never did have anything to do with freedom. Current operations in the Mideast have nothing to do with freedom. United States interference in Mideast affairs began in 1953 when we overthrew the only democratically elected  government Iran has ever had. In all the years since, there is not one additional free person in all of the Mideastern countries put together. U.S. and coalition casualties are under 10,000 for all Mideast wars combined.

I have a good friend who is a retired Air Force colonel. He is highly decorated and was frequently in harm’s way many times during his 26 years of service. When the decision was made to invade Iraq in 2003 he resigned because he would not invade and occupy a country that was no threat to the United States. Until this point he was planning to stay in the Air Force until they kicked him out for being too old. In my opinion This man is a good soldier.

Lets supposed the United States imposed our form of government in every country in the world. How would everything work out? Each country would have a government that was a democracy in name only, just like the one we have. Citizens in the United States have no representation at all in Congress. Elections are routinely rigged and public opinion is highly managed. Meaningful information is withheld from the public so that they will vote for the status quo and they do. They do not know any better. Should we not have a genuine democracy here before we intervene in the operation of governments elsewhere?

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