Flaws in Human Nature

I have to confess. I was born without the capacity to indulge in euphemisms. From birth, I have never been able to take comfort in something that is untrue and certainly could not believe something was true when it wasn’t. As a small child there was not even one second when I believed in Santa Clause. In elementary school, I remember having an epiphany that teachers were as likely to lie as were the children.

How is that for a gift? Actually it has been a burden and a source of anguish my entire life. Only in the past several years has this oddity worked to my advantage in any way. When the whole world relies on euphemisms for happiness, a person whose mind automatically rejects euphemisms deals with a lot of unpleasant stresses. Most social interaction is centered around euphemistic notions and those who won’t or can’t indulge get cut out of the heard. Life provides many opportunities to be a misfit. The no euphemisms syndrome is only one of them.` I am 75 now and am finally glad to be this way but it hasn’t been a piece of cake.

Nothing I write here has anything to do with intelligence. Anyone who can look out a window and observe has the capacity to explain things exactly the way I do. The difficulty for most is not being able to think without euphemisms. When everything in life is explained by comforting unsubstantiated thoughts and ideas, common sense provides no benefit. Discard the euphemisms and the truth becomes obvious. It may be unpleasant but it is the truth and will lead to right answers. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” He never said the truth would make you happy or that life would get easier upon its knowing. He explained to his disciples that their lives would be difficult and that they would suffer for the sake of righteousness.

Today’s Christians need not worry about suffering for the sake of righteousness. Usually the staunchest believers have never read the New Testament. Churches to do not look like anything that has roots in the activities of Jesus and his Disciples.

Which would be a flaw? Would it be being euphemism impaired like I am or would it be a flaw to compulsively indulge in euphemisms? In the secular world, which is what economics studies, the indulge in euphemisms crowd is better off in terms of comfort. At this particular time in history, the euphemisms free set has the best chance of surviving.

The depression is coming and it will be accompanied by disorder, civil unrest and chaos.


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