Free Markets and the Good Doctor

The next time a physician professes belief in free market health care, ask if doctors should have to have a license to practice medicine. Ask, are you willing to give up the advantages government gives you because with those, there is no free market in medicine. What the physician free market advocate wants is government given advantages for himself and all of the stresses of free markets for you.
“For the public good”, the health care industry is taken out of the free market system and given pricing power and other advantages. Buyers of healthcare services are still operate in a free market setting.
So when national healthcare is suggested, it is not being offered as an alternative to free market healthcare. National healthcare is offered as an alternative to corrupt system where doctors have a complete economic advantage over patients.
Obamacare is wrongly perceived as socialized medicine. It is not.
Conservatives need not fear that socialized medicine has taken hold in the country. Obamacare is just more of the same corrupt system they have supported all along. It has just mutated and the part of the industry has the biggest advantage has shifted.
So, Republicans, you are not fighting socialized medicine. Democrat, you didn’t get socialized medicine. You both got new and improved ways to fleece patients.
Do we need true socialized medicine? Free market healthcare would be better but genuine socialized medicine would be an improvement over what we have today.

Sweet Suzie’s Kool Aid, a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy



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