Government’s Perfect Record

Ben Bernanke is expected to announce some new magic on Friday geared toward saving the economy and of course supporting the stock market. So far, every economic plan in history has hacked away at various pillars of free enterprise. Is it any surprise that not one plan has worked? I suppose Americans will believe in these schemes a long as they can afford to.
During the Roosevelt administration, government started intervening in private markets in a big way and has not stopped. So far, government has a perfect record of wrecking every market where there has been intervention. The most recent market to be destroyed is the housing market. The health care market is currently being wrecked.
Early in this 21st century efforts began to make sure that investors never again lose money in the stock market. The result is that world capital markets are hopelessly corrupt. In just a little time financial markets around the world are going to fall apart in such severe ways that no one on earth will escape the suffering.
How do I know this? I am just counting on government to maintain their perfect record of destroying every market they touch.

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