Harvesting Stupidity

wc-filedsIn American society, we begin cultivating stupidity in our children from birth. The process never stops through out life. Normally a stupid population is a happy population. Americans absolutely love listening to lies. Enormous amounts of money are paid to  listen to lies and to be deceived in the most entertaining ways.

There are always a few who forgo stupidity’s pleasures and figure out how to exploit the stupidity of others. To one with the skills to be a charlatan the opportunities are plentiful. The temptation to exploit the stupidity in others to great to resist the opportunity.

In current times the level of stupidity in our society is so great that it is like harvesting a crop that has taken decades to grow. Who is harvesting stupidity? As the political season gets in gear, the politicians will take great advantage. As the stupid go about the activity of searching for messiahs, the politicians are busy figuring out ways to get voters to serve them. Politicians are skilled at exploiting the childlike notions constituents have about government and representation.

While stupidity normally serves as a great source of happiness, when decades pass without stupidity being reined in great suffering is unavoidable.  If there was a such thing as a stupidity meter, today we would be at the highest possible reading. In a movie W.C. Fields said, “Never give a sucker an even break and never smarten up a chump.” No one in government or industry has any intention of smartening up Americans,

The majority of a population is always stupid. When Great Depression II get under way with a greater vengeance, suffering will be widespread. Suffering that is not due to accident or randomness always results from stupidity. Throughout history there have been many catastrophes that have followed extreme levels of stupidity. Normally enough of a population gets smartened up enough for the given country to recover. That is not always the case. Sometimes a country and its society is completely destroyed. But, the only cure for stupidity is in fact suffering.

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