Hate Speech

Lets look at the notion of hate speech. First we need to define hate.

Dictionary.com defines it like this “to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest:to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.”

There will have to be an unbiased party who decides exactly what qualifies as hate under the law.  An unbiased man will be assumed in the law just as a straw man is assumed in economics.  Both the unbiased man and the straw man will be in charge of the country’s future.

Throughout history these sentiments have been expressed constantly and sometimes more elegantly than others. When people hate us, they often say so. This is typical of ex wives and ex husbands. The thought of some people brings on hate feelings by almost every one. It is popular to hate the thought of Adolph Hitler.

If hate speech is going to be illegal, hate needs to be organized. Probably hating a former lover will still be legal. Some kinds of hate will be deemed worse than others. We have first and second degree murder. We could also have first and second degree hate. As a parallel to manslaughter we can have hatting by accident with less punishment attached.

The most important consideration will be who decides what constitutes hate. That will be the group that identifies with the current political landscape and of course those who hold political offices. If the government in power is corrupt, then it will be hateful to speak badly of the government and those who run it.

Jesus had a lot to say. To his followers, it was wisdom. The the existing order it was hate. I am sure, that at the time, the reasoning of the status quo was, “We are crucifying him for your own good.” Many agreed. The first hate speech that might come to American minds is our Declaration of Independence. This kind of hatred of King George and the tradition of royalty was not going to be tolerated. All across the British Empire the word was “God save the king.” “Lets get those trouble makers.” African Americans have engaged in hate speech. Remember when Mohamed Alli refused to go to war and said. “I got nothing against no Viet Cong.” That was hate. Americans everywhere could feel it in their spines. Frederick Douglas was a big hater. The pro slavery crowd both North and South were outraged by everything that man had to say.

Laws last forever. Perhaps I should say rounded off to forever. Right now I am struggling to think of a law that was repealed. There are some. I Just can’t think of any right off. Politics is the art of getting others to act without thinking. Deferred gratification is not part of any political initiative. Politics comes down to lets get what we want quickly. Then lets change the subject lest folks will figure out they have been fleeced.

So, are we going to outlaw hate speech? Who benefits? Those who benefit most are the ones who decides what constitutes hate. Of course the voters who like the folks in power will be pleased also. That all changes, sometimes in just a few years. So, all who currently feel hated dissed and scorned might have a few years where they feel a little safer or something. Then when the power shifts, which it will, the group which is currently pleased will become the haters and they will be prosecuted.

If civilization is going to continue it is necessary we hear things we disagree with and even hate. As might be expected the video below has a political twist.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-T7C-_TBBI

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