How the United States Will Lose the Next War

It is not a foregone conclusion that a major war is in our near future. If we fight the war we seem to be starting, we will lose. That is not a wish. That is just the way it will turn out. The American people have nothing to gain. The average person has no use for or interest in forming a world government. Based on military strength, no country in the world is a match for the United States. Absolute military power is not enough to win a war. Wars can be won and nothing can be gained. We have been fighting those kinds of wars for a long time. That was the nature of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

There is a story about the fastest rabbit in the world and the best rabbit hunting dog having an encounter. All bets were on the dog. He had never failed to catch a rabbit he was chasing. When it was over, the dog was asked why the rabbit got away. The dog said, “We have to be realistic. I was hunting for sport. The rabbit was running for his life.”  The American people have nothing to gain by going to war at this particular time in history.  Any resolve on the part of the general population will disappear rapidly. The danger Americans face is the probability their government will put them in harms way for no good reasons. The morale of our troops will diminish.

Our intelligence community is bought and paid for by interests other than the American people. Chances are our intelligence is not as good as it is assumed to be. How good will their intelligence be? We don’t know. Our intelligence agencies are so corrupt, there is no way to tell the veracity of anything they tell us.

Russia and China have far more to lose than we do. They will not fight us on our terms. They will seek out advantages and situations where technology is not that important. For certain all who our leaders treat as enemies are putting a lot of thought into the situation. There is no guarantee, there won’t be a strike on our own soil. Probably the other side will draw us into a ground war where the mere size of armies makes the most difference. During WWII Russia took unfathomable casualties and still prevailed against Germany. They will draw us into situations where U.S. casualties will be certain. If the war takes place, we will lose.

The world will fight against the United States in a way the world fought against Germany in the 1940s. I remember watching a news show while we were invading Iraq in 2003. Someone mentioned civilian casualties. One of the guests said “Citizens are responsible for what their government does.” This was a panel discussion.  Not one person on the panel took exception to that statement. I wonder how a panel of news people will respond to statements like that when it is American civilians getting killed?


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