How These Things Happen

How These Things Happen</strong>

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It is human nature to hold public figures in high regard. Herd instinct dictate that leaders get the benefit of many doubts. The Supreme Court is defined as being apolitical and answerable to no one. In fact all government entities are highly political. Supreme Court decisions are swayed plenty of influence that have nothing to do with law.
When Justice John Roberts came up with his unexpected opinion on the ObamaCare case, chances are that his reasoning was based on things other than law. I would guess that someone found some dirt on him and threatened to make it public if he didn’t find a way to uphold the Affordable Care Act.
The Supreme Court is a horrible institution to trust with deciding the constitutionality of laws. Government cannot judge itself without bias.
When the constitutionality of a law comes into question, a better system would be to depend upon a jury system. The constitution is not hard to read or to understand.
As for Chief Justice Robert’s recent vote, when people who never do weird and unexpected things, do something weird and unpredictable it is likely for a weird and unusual reason.

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