The Republican Fantasy

The biggest road block to a true conservative movement is what I call the Republican Fantasy. In a Republican’s imagination he is a conservative. His self concept depends upon him seeing himself that way. In the light or reality, a Republican is an apologist for right wing central planning and more of a liberal than the Democrats he criticizes. The actual cause of government’s unrestrained growth is rooted in the enormous demands on government made by billionaires. If government were to be reduced in size, only the rich would complain.
Democrats are bad, but at least they are willing to acknowledge the cost of government. Out of intellectual laziness and willful ignorance, Republicans view every tax cut as an act of conservatism. A tax cut is actually a way to avoid the responsibility of controlling government. Some will argue that tax cuts always result in increased tax revenue and they can under odd circumstances, but the chances of that happening are low. Because of a deep held Republican belief in central economic planning, tax cuts are seen as a way to boost business. That can happen in a limited number of circumstances. Tax cuts are always followed by a new round of government spending that offsets any benefit to business.
All taxes really do is pay for government and act as an incentive to economize in government. Lower taxes always result in more government spending because the incentive to economize is removed. If the rich are taxed at a high enough rate, they will start lobbying congress to spend less money instead of lobbying to have congress spend more money on their behalf.
Republicans are not really conservatives. They feel like conservatives inside but they do not do conservative things. Ask any Republican Senator or Congressman which laws he is trying to repeal and which government agencies he is trying to close and see what kind of answer you get. In the Republican world, it is all bout feeling conservative but that is where it stops.

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