How To Knock Off A Conspiracy

Who is looking for conspiracies? Who is participating a conspiracy? Why that would be you and I. Are conspiracies illegal? Are all conspiracies secret? I suppose a conspiracy can be illegal. Plotting to overthrow the government outside of the democratic process is illegal. Conspiring to change the nature of government by using the democratic process is perfectly legal. It is also legal to be in a secret conspiracy provided its goals are legal. I can’t think of many conspiracies, secret or otherwise which are illegal. A huddle in a football game is a conspiracy. So is a PAC committee. Children conspire against their parents. Students conspire against teachers. One government conspires against another. People in government conspire against the citizens. The mob conspires against law enforcement and law enforcement conspires against crime. Well financed folks conspire as a way to bypass the law and override the legal system. That type of conspiracy is highly common and certainly is illegal. These kinds of conspiracies must be identified and addressed. As a prolific conspiracy theorist, knocking off those kinds of conspiracies, is my role.

Only a few conspiracies are born in the imagination. Most of those can be counted on one hand. The fake moon landing is clearly one of those. The truth is that behavior in the aggregate is conspiracy based. To accomplish anything at the aggregate level requires organizing into competitive conspiracies. I identify those kinds of conspiracies. I have no interest in making conspiring illegal or even limiting or regulating conspiracy based based government action. Forbidding citizens from working together in conspiracies would be as hard as convincing lions and tigers not to hunt. Conspiracy based behavior is a normal part of human nature.  That won’t change anytime soon. It takes thousands of years to change human nature, so don’t expect it to be different anytime soon.

Given that, how do we knock off a conspiracy? Where is a conspiracy needed? Is there more than one that is seeking the same or similar outcome? Are there institutions seeking to save themselves? Who would benefit by conspiring with others who have the same or similar aspirations? Finding those situations is not hard at all. At higher levels, if two different entities are seeking a common outcome, there is close to a certainty they will find each other and begin working together.

Before Pluto was discovered in the twentieth century, scientists noticed changes in the orbits of planets that could only be explained by assuming the existence of another planet that had not yet been discovered. Bizarre changes in human behavior along with the occurrence of highly unlikely events as much as guarantees a conspiracy is in operation.

This is the case with respect to the Epstein arrest and following events. There is in fact a conspiracy to save persons with enough political power from consequences from having participated in fun an frolic with under aged girls at Pedo island. There is no chance there would not a conspiracy emerge involving various important people with the need to save themselves. When it comes to saving oneself even people who hate one another, will work with one another. You can expect it. The Epstein situation, is a poster child for the incentive for a conspiracy to form.

Who are the potential beneficiaries of an Epstein conspiracy? Well, who visited the island? Who visited the island on multiple occasions? Who has enough power, money, and stature to offer something of value to the general conspiracy? Is it the case that someone’s life will be completely destroyed if identified as a pedophile? What choice do they have other than to engage in a coverup?

Here is my current assessment of the ongoing Epstein coverup.

Donald Trump: The president needs to win in 2020.  He was being bashed in the media relentlessly. The Deep State has been constant in trying to discredit him and remove him from office without an election.

Who is in danger of being exposed as having done illegal things on Pedo Island? Who has something to offer in the spirit of cooperation? There is a long list of important people, not the least of which is a member of the Royal Family. Would Donald Trump and the Royal family find each other? Certainly they would.

How many important Democrats and Republicans are in danger of exposure? Who is on the list.

How many in the Deep State network are vulnerable? Who is on the list?

How about the Republican and Democratic Parties? Who is on the list?

Donald Trump is the quintessential deal maker and he has a creative mind. Donald Trump initiates the deal. What does he get? He gets the media dog called off and the Deep State stops trying to sabotage his presidency. You may or may not have noticed that the media softened its approach with respect to Trump beginning the day Epstein was arrested. As it is now, following Epstein’s death, media coverage of Trump is at a very low soft plateau. That has never been the case before.

So, what do the other parties to Trump’s deal get out of it? Trump launches a long drawn out investigation to nowhere and  guarantees, certain of the anointed safety from exposure. Who is part of the deal? Who would be destroyed without it? Who has the power, and influence necessary resources to offer value to the conspiracy by virtue of their participation?  Limit the choices people have down to one option and they will take it, especially if not participating guarantees their destruction.

When there is only one way out, that is the path that will be taken. So far the situation is unfolding exactly as I would expect a conspiracy to unfold. Are the Epstein investigations anywhere in the news? Is the media bashing Trump with the same intensity it did previously? Is the public shifting its attention toward other news and forgetting about the Epstein saga?

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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