I Do Not Believe Lies

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I don’t believe lies. That is not automatically a good thing. It does put me at a distinct advantage at this particular time in history as an economist, political analyst and teacher of natural law.

Lie is a general term . There are many kinds of lies. The kind I am concerned with are beliefs and notions that are just not true but in fact are almost universally believed. These kinds of lies are very detrimental to the lives of everyone, because belief in them guarantees corruption in government, and are a direct cause of the economic difficulties the average person is experiencing or is about to experience.  What is unique about these kinds of lies is that they are not told. They are just things we are conditioned to believe are true. Certainly some are instinctive propensities which at one point in evolution contributed positively to humanities chances for survival. I am going to mention just two few that are of critical importance due to today’s situation.

Government is benevolent and administers justice fairly. This is a comfortable viewpoint but it is not true even in the slightest. Government is where people with political power go to get what they want. Government is not used for anything else. It puts citizens at a distinct disadvantage that it is almost universally assumed that self interest disappears when someone is working in the public sector either as a politician or an employee. The self interest of all who work in the public sector determines what outcomes are with respect to government policy.

Politicians tell the truth. Truth is not part of politics. Winning is all that counts. The truth gets morphed out of any discussion very quickly. Candidates say what needs to be said in order to get elected. A lie can always be made to sound better than the truth. So if the truth was ever told in a campaign, the other candidate would change it just a little to make it sound better. The public would then respond to the candidate who made the truth into a lie.

Politics is an intellectual pursuit. Examine the political dialog and count the number of sentient arguments you find. Do you see anything in the media, facts or ideas, which are not superficial. How often are you expected to have an in depth grasp of an idea before being asked to make a decision? Politics is the art of getting others to adopt an agenda without thinking. Where politics is concerned, the mind downshifts into the survival mode. The issue becomes getting what one wants immediately. When have you ever heard the necessity of deferred gratification mentioned in a political debate? Politics is an animal world activity. The larger sentient brain shuts down and impressions and notions which the animal brain has stored as fact, guide all behavior. Politics works very similarly to the way it does when lions and hyenas fight over a carcass. Neither activities encourage truth seeking.

If this was 1949 and the world was on the verge an extended period of mostly natural economic growth I wouldn’t bother with any of this. I wouldn’t be able to get anyone’s attention anyway. The fact is that the United States economy is indeed going to collapse. Our system of government may very well fail also.  Democratic principles are not functioning. No one is excepting outcomes based on popular sovereignty. Authoritarianism is the alternative to not accepting a loss within the democratic process. Enforcing laws is now optional. This situation is very dangerous.

In the coming times, it will be advantageous to focus on what is true where in the past it may not made much difference.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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