Take This Rally Very Seriously

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Back on December 27, 2018 I published the article in red text. Don’t Dismiss This Rally  You may remember that at that time the initial short squeeze was largely dismissed as a bear market rally. I saw it differently and I was right. I was right, not because I am smart but because I don’t believe lies. That is the fantasy free advantage.

My advice back in December was to take the rally seriously because it was the beginning of an organized effort to take the market back up to new highs and not just a bear market rally. The enormous short squeeze that occurred today is the beginning of an organized attempt to turn the market around.

Yes, the stock market is rigged. Very few will come right out and say that but it is true. Somehow it seem impolite to say so. Some are afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist. Bu, I don’t care There are still multitudes of hedge funds which rely on traditional technical analysis dogma for trading. They are taking a beating and they deserve it. They still short when they get sell signals. Today a sell signal is a buy signal. This is fortunate for the Deep State operators. All they have to do is orchestrate a short squeeze anytime hedge funds and others load up on short positions. These idiots are food for the Deep State. The market couldn’t be elevated without them.

Now that the world is convinced that equities are about to fall off a cliff, there is no chance, the market will turn right back down. As long as the public here in the United States and everywhere else in the world remains unaware or unconcerned that the stock market is being managed and manicured on a daily basis, this will continue until the country is destroyed.

From now through the end of the year, you can expect the Deep State’s first team to be on the field. No effort will be spared to elevate the market. If money is needed for buybacks, it will be there. Are buybacks coordinated with Fed policy? You bet they are. Do the high frequency trading firms and the Federal Reserve work together? You bet they do.

What can derail the rally and turn it back into a bear market? Sudden suffering and economic failures can but those things are subdued and kept out of the news. It would have do be something totally out of the blue. Somewhere around 80% of stock is still held by individuals. That sounds like a lot but very little of those holdings are likely to come on the market as supply. Enough stock is either owned or controlled by the deep state that they can control just about any trend just by buying outright if necessary. And, that adds to their net worth as long as the uptrend remains in tact.

This rally should be taken seriously. Traditional dogma says it is a bear market rally. Past experiences say the entire short squeeze was orchestrated and that there will be monumental efforts to keep things moving higher.

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