Honesty In Government Is Not Possible

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I am going to give a concise explanation why it is misguided to expect honesty in government.

Human Beings have a deep seeded need and propensity of to look up to and respect the leadership of their country. Early on in human evolution this characteristic surely facilitated survival of the species. In modern times this works to their disadvantage, On an evolutionary scale freedom of the individual is a super new development. The move toward freedom and individual decision making began with the end of the dark ages. That amount of time is a small percentage of time on history’s long timeline. Modern man is clearly drawn like a magnet towards submitting within a group and drawing benefits out of the aggregate. It work the same way with a pack of wild dogs. The difference is between style and the numbers involved.

When folks vote, mentally they are choosing a fair godmother to take care of them. In reality they are embracing a world class predator. People are still prone to looking at their leaders as benevolent friends. Each leader has a unique ability to give that appearance but they are nothing of the kind. Becoming one of mankind’s leaders is accomplished the same way leadership in a pack of wolves is determined. Politics is a game of dominance and winning is all that matters. The idea of people electing a friend to take care of them is complete nonsense. They are electing one who seeks all of the advantages of leadership and one of those advantages is getting to use the support and efforts of the public to gain personal agendas.

Honesty in politics would be used only if it contributed to a someone’s chances of accomplishing an agenda. Honesty in a campaign gets morphed out of the discussion early on. What is said is what contributes to winning. If candidate A tells the truth, candidate B will change it up a little to make it sound better. Candidate A would then have to up the anti by deviating even further from the truth. The public only responds to what sounds good and almost anything sounds better than the truth in a political campaign.

Lets talks about who gets elected to a public position. Politics is by far the worlds most competitive activity. Does it not make sense that folks who win in politics have special attributes and characteristic which allow them to win over all others? While ordinary folks may still insist their favorite candidate is a good friend to humanity, a person like that could never prevail in the the steep competition. It turns out that winners in politics have what is called apolitical personalies. That is a euphemism for sociopath. It takes a very unlikely set of ruthless personality characteristics to prevail over all others.

In order for self government to work well, citizens must understand that tension and mistrust between government and citizens is completely necessary. Working together translates into submitting to a ruthless authority and getting nothing in return in the end. Government may be defined as a wonderful institution where justice is administered and people’s lives are made better, but it is first and always a place where powerful people go to get what they want.

The answer is not anarchy. Self government, despite its shortcomings really is the best system. We may all be in the process of becoming slaves but in a totalitarian system, people are slaves the moment they are born. Still self government only works as intended if citizens see government for what it really is.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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