Impending Stock Market Stunt

If you don’t think the stock market as well as most other aspects of your life are being controlled and manipulated, I hope you will read this post anyway for entertainment, just like folks used to do with respect to claims of UFO sightings.

Speaking of the new found UFO sightings, why have they disappeared? That all mattered just a few weeks back. Why do they not matter now? Could it be the the information was released for the purpose of getting a certain response out of the public and it didn’t work? Where did WOKE go? Do you notice anything special in the news today? Perhaps it is back to the drawing board in elite-land. There are a few items I follow, that aren’t exactly news – specific

One is the frustration of trying to present ads on the internet that advertisers will continue paying for. The typical internet ad I see is treated in a similar way as  people swatting flies that get on their chocolate cake.  How long can companies like YouTube do this without suffering any consequences? They are burning their advertisers and running off their audience at the same time. Is that a good strategy? We will find out.

Here is where we get into the stock market. Much has always been censored on YouTube and other venues. For the past month or so, I have been seeing an abundance of crash calls, doom and gloom, anti – liberal and countless other similar stuff on my YouTube screen.  These are all videos that would have been banned, censored, stomped on and fact – checked to death just  a few months back.

News is subdued, and the humble dumplings in the overall population are back asleep or texting pleasantries, and feeling good about themselves. You can’t engineer a short squeeze without getting the world beard up and short. The public cannot be startled and manipulated if they are wide awake and focused on what is going on around them, especially with respect to what they can’t see.

Whether or not it will work is a different question. There will be a stunt that is aimed at reinvigorating the market. I don’t know what it will be, but there will be  one.

Stock traders, the public, and intellectuals have been stimulated and made use of successfully many times in the past.  Perhaps so many times…. that they have become numb to the efforts. Perhaps they just can’t feel the sting of the cattle prod any longer.

I can tell you this. Anytime the averages are sitting on a long term trendline that everyone is focused on, watch out for the short squeeze.  Watch out for the news announcement.  The time will come when all of this stops working. All I can say today is; expect a stunt or a series of them ….because it will happen.


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