Income Taxes Who Should Pay the Most?

What do lobbyists do? They lobby in order to increase government spending. Lobbyists are hired by the richest people in the world. You might ask, “why would the rich want the government to spend more money? Are not the rich the ones who pay for all of it?  For sure rich people don’t do things that don’t make sense. If they did, how would they wouldn’t have gotten rich?”

Is there any possibility the rich make money on the way government spends money? What if the rich profited from all of the new government spending their lobbyists generated? Maybe they do? Certainly they have the money and power convince congress to cut spending if that would work out best for them. The rich could make government small if they wanted it that way.

I ask you. What makes more sense than levying the highest taxes on the only folks who benefit from the growth of government.? Suppose the cost of government, to the rich, got so high that they they would come out ahead hiring lobbyists to try and get government to cut spending?

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