Instinctive Biases In The Republican Presidential Debates

In the Republican presidential debates, I see more evidence of instinctive biases in dealing with government. When Wolfe Blitzer of CNN was questioning Ron Paul about who pays for health care, the assumption was packed in that society has a responsibility to provide health care to citizens who can’t or won’t pay. This kind of reasoning is based in instinct. Belief that this kind of thing is a group obligation is automatic.
Again, on an evolutionary time, freedom is a new development. We all know the benefits of freedom but human beings are not yet genetically ready for it. The move to empower government is genetic in nature. Where freedom is present, people must do things for themselves rather than ask government to take care of them. Reason, can override instinct but this is not happening in the political scene today. At the very least, people need to be aware they are basing their votes on ancient instinctive voices rather than objective reasoning.

Does Curbside Jimmy get a grant from the government to ride the rails?

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