Is Donald Trump a Conservative?

a559425d1bfb41acc0812c901ea2da78Being a conservative is the easiest job in politics today. Ted Cruz is defined as a conservative. Has Donald Trump called himself a conservative? Basically, all Republicans adopt the brand. Rush Limbaugh is a conservative. So is Sean Hannity. Countless American citizens claim to be conservatives.

Candidates, broadcasters and citizens all have one thing in common. Not one is involved in a conservative initiative. None believe in free markets markets either.

It is much easier to be a conservative than a liberal. All it requires is an opinion. Conservative things are different. Conservative things would be repealing laws and closing government agencies.

Some voters believe Donald Trump is a liberal in conservative clothes. Does it really matter? After all there are no plans to do even one conservative thing. In all fairness to Trump, he did mention closing the Department of Education but has said nothing about it since. Enforcing laws is kind of a conservative thing. Trump does want to build a wall closing the Mexican border and that actually constitutes enforcing the emigration law that is already on the books.

Republicans should not frustrate themselves over the fine points of who is a conservative and who isn’t. Being a conservative is only important for being accepted by ones peers and maintaining self esteem. Since it is only make believe and there is no conservative agenda why get frustrated?

Why? Because conservative is only an identity thing. There are no conservative initiatives or even conservative agendas in the United States.

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