Islam a Religion of Peace?

There is a short cut to being right about economic issues. Stop studying human beings as if they were an anointed species just a step below divinity. Do this and you will begin to understand all of what is going on in the world.

The next step is to accept total uncertainty as reality. Then watch the animals as they go about replacing that reality with euphemisms and fantasies. No one knows what life is. No one knows what death is either. All animals survive by consuming living things. The animals which do the best are the ones who do the most killing. The most prolific beasts at consuming living things and killing are human beings. Humanity is such an efficient killer that  killing is done by a small number of human animals. But, the numbers are there.

Accept  these things and it becomes clear that self interest is the universal incentive. There are no other incentive in play with respect to government. Why do politicians run? They run to get what they want and that is usually power and money. That is why you end up with no representation. After casting a vote, you are of no use to those you elect. The representation you feel entitled to goes to others who are more useful to the office holder.

These are the cold hard facts. Just know that if you expect government to provide more certainty in your life, you are harming yourself and making yourself available to be a sucker. Certainty does not exist. What does not exist cannot be provided. Watch human activity just as if you were watching an aggregation of other animals and it is no trouble at all figuring out what is going on and even what is going to happen next.

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