It is going to get crazy

The billionaires club is not completely about making money and rigging markets. Unreformed economics only recognizes the profit motive as an incentive. Power is a stand alone incentive. Power is easily turned into profit and profit is easily turned into power. In quantum physics light can either be a wave or a particle. Light is a wave when no one is observing and a particle if its activities are being observed. Profit and power have a similar relationship. When talking about billions of dollars, it is hard to have one without the other.

In today’s world, it is hard to become a billionaire without enough power to control government. There is nothing better for guaranteeing a long flow of accelerated income than enough political power to use government to force the general population to buy a product of service.

Power is never given up voluntarily. In coming days absolutely no effort or technique will be spared. Expect the use of force because it is likely to be used. Those who are above the law will use their positions as long as they are in fact still above the law.  After that they will use ever tool they can come up with because they have no limits.

There are signs the establishment is falling apart. The faster the financial markets reset, the greater is the chance the country will survive. Americans actually are resourceful when they control their own time and energy.

From the top, expect the things criminals are likely to do, including assignations, starting wars and economic terror. Do you remember the days before TARP? The public was literally scared into cooperation, and pretty much became docile. Efforts to control access to information and public opinion will be ongoing and relentless.

From the bottom expect civil disobedience, riots and antisocial behavior. Do not expect anything intellectual out of the public. There is not enough capacity in that respect to be helpful. Even college educated Americans are ignorant of anything meaningful. Stupidity is as thick as gray paint on a WWI battleship. Americans won’t know what hit them and will act like a bunch of yellow jackets after their nest has been hit with a stick.

As of today, Americans in general are messiah seeking, thinking the presidential candidates really do love them and think of them as special. The candidates have their own agendas which are unrelated to the wants and needs of their constituents.

The best the public will do in this situation is trade masters. The public will find a new master. The billionaires club will regroup. The public will serve both.

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