Jesus on Lies and Euphemisms

Is this Jesus? Certainly not. This is a fantasy based on how Westerners would like for Jesus to have looked. Fantasy is the basis on which organized religion is founded. In order to find the real thing, the fake must be exposed.

Each of the Christian denominations is based on a handful of verses. Of those who attend church, perhaps one out of one hundred have read the entire Bible. Many only know one verse and that is John 3:16. Christianity as it is practiced, is based more on secular fantasies than anything spiritual. Churches have adopted platforms that support the euphemistic notions on which members base their lives.

Common Sense rejects the Atheists position that there is no God. Yes, God exists but very little is known about God. Atheists, not only don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in the question. Only an atheist can believe he exists without being created or caused. So where questions about God are Concerned, Common Sense Economics acknowledges its ignorance. Beliefs about God have no proof.

Both the New and Old Testament are filled with models of natural law. Anyone who studies seriously studies these these cases will find mountains of anecdotal evidence that the principles hold.

Jesus taught that life in the secular world was based on a system of lies and euphemisms. In that respect, the secular world has not change in the over the thousand years that have past since then. To live and work in the secular world, one must be physically part of it. A person need not believe the lies or base happiness on seeking worldly rewards. Are those the only rewards that can be sought? No other rewards are guaranteed but not offered in the secular world can be kept. Any permanent reward would have to be pursued through faith.

Jesus taught that spiritual rewards are possible and he taught people how to receive them. Preachers routinely skip over John 12:25. Since most church members never read the Bible, they don’t know it is there. Sometime this type of verse is called one of Jesus’ hard sayings. The normal practice is to skip over that verse or refer back to John 3:16 and claim that that is the only verse that matters.

To Common Sense Economics John 12:25 is not a hard verse at all. Jesus was teaching that lives in the secular world are based on euphemisms and lies. The lies and euphemisms life is based on stand as obstacles to the truth.

“He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” John 12:25

Is that so? It is a concern when someone says “I choose to believe………..” True believe is never a choice. Euphemisms and lies start with the words “I choose to believe….” Genuine belief comes from awareness and choice is not a part of the transaction.

The anecdotal evidence provided by, the natural law modeled in the scriptures working out to be true, does lend support to idea that there is a spiritual world.


Is This Jesus?

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