Just as Smart as a Dog

golden-retriever-am-i-smart-dog-wallpapers-tHuman beings can forecast the future accurately only if they think like dogs. Human Beings unwittingly use statistics and complicated models in attempts to determine what happens next. This method gives miserable results. The reasons are many but the people making the models end up being studied by others who are smarter than they are.

Dogs make forecasts by studying reoccurring patterns and they are seldom wrong. They can predict when their master is coming home. Dogs observe history as it applies to them. The K9 mind is many times more active than that of a human. They constantly scan the environment for input that is relevant to their survival.

Human beings can also observe reoccurring patterns and behaviors and they do a little bit but not enough to be helpful. The time line humans need to observe is centuries long and most humans are ignorant with respect to history. A typical American passively learns an abridged history so they know a few facts about what has happened lately and isolated events from further in the past.

Any American who is adept as his dog can compare the mentality of the American population today with that of the Germans in the early 1930s. Most will be completely confounded when the country breaks down into chaos. We can’t predict exactly what will happen but we can know that danger is just over the horizon. Ignorance and stupidity are expensive attributes.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s tune. It Seems Like All M Friends Are Dogs These Days.
It Seems Like All My Friends Are Dogs These Days.






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