Kill Or Be Killed

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Either ordinary citizens kill the largest big tech companies or the big tech firms will kill what is left of democratic principles and free markets. How is it possible to kill a corporation? Only consumers can do that.

It is not hard to notice that the business models of these companies call for censoring the truth. Truth is not is good for business. What their profits depend on are the symbiotic relationships they have with government, the pharmaceutical industry and others as well as their users who function herds they manage. The institutions with symbiotic relationships insure their profits by molding a homogenized, compliant, docile and cooperative population.

Big tech firms censor the truth under the auspice of protecting the public. A few lies may get censored. Personally, I haven’t seen any, but it is possible. Are these kooks they are censoring? Many are highly esteemed medical doctors who do things like use Vitamin C as a viral remedy. Fear is on the part of the pharmaceutical industry, that simple inexpensive cures will replace their expensive and often dangerous prescription drugs. Big tech and other industries need each other so they support one another. The media is on board with this. Anyone who has a negative opinion with respect to the current political power structure is likely to get censored.  This is all for power and profit because no one in these organizations is capable of discerning the truth about anything. Censorship is always agenda driven. It is not for your good. It is for theirs.

To understand the human herding instinct is to understand how these corporations manipulate and use their subscribers.  How does a human, who is leader of the pack, in a dogs mind, get a desired behavior out of a dog? The person gives the dog a treat to create desired behaviors in the dog.  The big tech firms use the exact same technique to capture and make use of those who use their services.

So, what treat do they offer to attract people? They give them a treat. It is not a dog biscuit but it is something of value that few will give up.  It can be a free email account or a place to post things about themselves and keep up with others. The situation is such that a person can know the harm they are doing but still figure that just he or she leaving the service might be the the right thing to do, but it is such a small contribution on their part that they see no personal gain in doing so. Still they are empowering these firms by way of their participation. People are unlikely to break an addiction. It is not a physical addiction but it is still an addiction.

During the 19th century, the Chinese were heavily addicted to opium. Most of their opium was supplied by Britain. When the Chinese tried to make opium illegal, the British went to war with them in order to protect their opium market and keep the opium situation ongoing. The Chinese were addicted to opium and the British needed them to stay that way. Big tech needs Americans to remain addicted to things like social media, free email accounts, and the biased news that is presented to them.

The best way for big tech firms to keep their customers now is to make sure no one reads or hears anything that might convince their users to leave.  All censorship is agenda driven and is the opposite of of protecting their customers. The best way to do this is to protect other industries which also benefit from an unaware population. That includes the media and the pharmaceutical industry for sure. Is this a conspiracy. It doesn’t have to be. It can be based on silent understandings.

Without rights of free speech, assembly and access to accurate information, the overall population is more valuable to them. So, to the degree, they, without any ability do determine what the truth is, insist that the truth is what they say the truth is. As long as you believe what they want you to believe, they have confidence that you will always be their for them. Believing what you see, hear and experience for yourself is to their detriment.

What happens next?  Ether Americans in mass discover what is being done to them and quit. Or, they continue losing rights until they really have no rights at all. It is a decision all have to make. Government can not help with this. Big tech firms have massive government contracts and have enormous political power.

Drinking Beer And Suffering Till The Bailouts Are All Done

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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