Killing Explained

140903124055-isis-killer-beheading-video-story-topWho would not be sickened by watching a beheading or someone being burned alive? There is no pleasant way to watch the business of being in operation. I have not watched any of these videos and will not. There is no need. I know what killing is. I also know when it is the right thing to do.

There is not much chance of the U.S. ever convincing ISIS to put up there knives and gas cans. We can control what we do. At the rate ISIS is going there is not any chance they will ever catch up to the U,S. In numbers of people wrongly killed. They could never get into our league.

When the U.S. kills, the citizens over here don’t mind. Enemies reasoning is actually pretty good. Where are American’s vulnerable? Americans will go to endless ends to increase and protect their self esteem. Enemies know this but they wrongly assume ordinary Americans have control over government. This is an area where ISIS and ordinary Americans agree. Both believe American citizens are in charge of government. Both are wrong censorship and mind control are far more effective than any propaganda that was conducted int the old Soviet Union. Here Americans think they are free when they are not and they believe what comes out of Washington. Citizens are technically in charge but congress hordes information and media has the same incentive to control minds as does government.

How would Americans feel about drone strikes, air strikes and other if our military campaigns were immoral? Would troops be called heroes and patriots if they turned out to be fighting to advance the profitability of American corporations instead? In truth these are immoral campaigns and they have nothing to do with the safety of Americans.

Americans see beheadings and burnings but their eyes are protected from images children being blown into four or five pieces by U.S. bombs. Immoral beginnings produce negative outcomes. It is as simple as that. Nothing good comes out of immoral American military adventures.

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