Letter To My Congressman

Henry Cuellar:

Sir, I am James Quillian, Author of the Fantasy
Free Economics blog. I have a unique
perspective on what is developing in the United
States in terms of economics and politics.

Both the economy and our political system are
going to collapse. This will probably happen
prior to the 2022 elections. Since you are the
congressman from my district, I am going to
offer you some advice as to how to protect
yourself and hold on to your seat in congress.

What I recommend to you is that you practice
the art of not knowing, when damage to your
constituents can no longer be denied.

Your support of the Affordable Care Act is known and well documented. The public is
already starting to cite this act as a set of skimming operations designed to benefit all
who lobbied for its passage. You must convince your constituents that you had no
knowledge of, or any way to know about the actual sinister nature of this bill.

Constituents are coming to understand that the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
is just another income – transferring spending bill that has a completely negative impact
of those who vote for you. You must convince people that you had no idea the bill was as
bad as it is.

Folks are also starting to understand that all stimulus – monetary and fiscal…. simply
constitute welfare for the rich. Of course, it must appear that you personally have had no
way to know this is the case.

All of these postures require practicing the art of not knowing. Surely you know how to
do this. All incumbents do. You have the reputation of being the brightest and most
educated lawmaker in Washington. So – in your case, convincing your voters that you
didn’t know things that are perfectly obvious, will not be that easy. But, being the
shrewd politician you are, surely you are up the the task.

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